Patterner 개발 노트 5

Hello, I am R3c0d3r and this is the 5th dev note of our game, Patterner. There are few changes in game logic and functionality but you can find out many changes in the video below since with have updated many graphical effect of the game.

This is the specification of this update.

  • Scoring logic is balanced a bit.
  • Crashing problem is fixed with staying too long at the GameOver screen.
  • Blocks won’t be stuck in the air.
  • We have drawn so many new sprites into the game.
  • Many graphical effect is added as well as the blast effect.
  • Temporal event mode is applied for Moonlight Festival of DGIST, which is 3 min scoring mode.

Here are the recent footage of Patterner. Enjoy the video and see you soon at the Moonlight Festival.

EP: Dodge

You can’t rest! You have to dodge obstacles coming from everywhere. The more obstacles and the higher difficulty it has, the more you can find yourself evolved.

EP: Dodge

You can't rest! You have to dodge obstacles coming from everywhere. The more obstacles and the higher difficulty it has, the more you can find yourself evolved.



EP: Dodge is a casual arcade game, which is brought by the thought of human evolution by the extreme difficulty with obstacles coming from everywhere. How long can you stand through the accumulative obstacles.

  • Fully randomised obstacles
  • Various patterns of obstacles
  • 4 game modes
  • Game options unlocked with achievements
  • Never-ending human evolution


Freestyle mode is a game mode that is the control has the freedom of choice such as wasd(zqsd), arrow keys, mouse, gamepads, or anything you want if possible. However, the difficulty is exponentially increased as it has freedom of control. Obstacles disappear when they touch the shield, which is provided every 30 seconds of the game. You can find it out on the video below.

Patterner 개발 노트 4

Hello, I am Recoder and this is the 4th dev note of Patterner. Code optimistion is almost finished and we’re working on adding new features into the game. Here is the video of our recent footage. We’re working on Patterner to introduce it at the 3rd Moonlight Festival of DGIST.

This is the specification for beta 0.4.

  • Code optimisation is completed
  • Game sprite is updated.
  • Combo is added.
  • Draw pipeline is applied.
  • UI is rearranged.
  • GUI will now show minimal length of pattern.
  • Game can be pause now with P key.
  • Game can be restarted anytime with R key.
  • Block falling error is fixed.
  • Overlapping block error is fixed.


ps. We’re finding for new name for Patterner. If you have an idea, please leave a comment below. Thank you!

Patterner 개발 노트 3

Hello, this is Recoder. After the chuseok, Korean Thanksgiving day, we have had many tasks since there were some redundancies in code. We have updated UI and graphics at the volley. You can find it out on video below.

Here are specifications of this update.

  • We have completely rewritten the game. We think we have less redundancies now.
  • We have changed graphical effects, so that the to-be-removed tiles appear clear.
  • Tiles are now firework.
  • Rearranged UI.
  • Implemented 1P challenge mode.


Vodka Developer Console for GameMaker: Studio

Vodka Developer Console is released! This is originally made for Wild Wild Space, but it can be used for any games made with GameMaker: Studio. Anyone can download and use it under the license of Creatice Commons BY 4.0. I also uploaded README file so that you can read it without opening source file.

Vodka Developer Console


Patterner 개발 노트 2

Hello, this is Recoder, and I have the second dev note of Patterner. After the beta 0.2, I am working on rewriting the entire game again since there are too many redundancies. And at the volley, I am updating the UI and some of the in-game images.

For the development team I have updated beta 0.3 urgently, so that I am afraid that there aren’t any screenshots or videos to introduce. But in next dev note, I promise I will introduce the game with rearranged UI and graphic with the video.

Here are specifications of Patterner beta 0.3.

  • Custom key setting is now available.
  • Normalised code for two players
  • Pattern recognition cooltime removed
  • Control error is recogised as pattern cancel
  • Block collision and falling error fixed
  • Empty column bug is fixed
  • ‘Win’ sprite is changed with ‘GameOver’ sprite.

Patterner 개발 노트 1

Hello! This is the first dev note of Patterner. Since we have updated many things internally, we decided to introduce some of our updates in public. We’ll update a dev note per one or two weeks with major changes.

From 8/22 to 9/1, we have had following development progress.

  • Essential game logic
  • Basic UI
  • Code optimisation
  • Code nomalisation for two players
  • Dev mode for debugging

This is closed beta 0.2. You can find out what has been developed with the video.

You can figure out specific development information below.

Ver 0.1

  • Block selection logic implemented
  • Block creation logic implemented
  • Implemented pattern making cooltime
  • Implemented pattern making time
  • Implemented pattern verification logic
  • Implemented game over

Ver 0.2

  • Implemented restart function with R key
  • Temporarily removed 2P
  • Improved dev mode
  • Implemented rush fuction
    • Block can be added immediately with G key
  • Next block colour is shown below up to 20
    • This function is test purpose, so that it can be reverted
  • Validated pattern information is shown in the centre
  • Pattern validation logic improved
    • Repeated pattern with 3, 3 can be validated now
    • Repeated pattern with odd number won’t break the logic now
  • Balancing improved
  • Code optimisation.

Patterner 프로젝트 알림!

We’re announcing new video game project <Patterner>!

Patterner is a puzzle battle game for one or two. You need to find certain patterns throughout the grid to remove blocks and attack your opponent. Estimated release date is early 2017.

Patterner will have several modes:

  • Score challenge mode for one
  • Puzzle challenge mode for one
  • AI battle mode for one
  • Local battle mode for two